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Simple, scalable and single unit Glob is much more than a driver assistance tool. Glob is an assistant to the decision on the road. Glob favors your safety and comfort in order to make your drive more enjoyable.

  • Simple

    For convenience when downloading preferences are pre set. Download, Install, Drive. All features are thought to be helpful and quickly accessible on the road.

  • Rich

    Glob includes many useful features all based on glubbers feedbacks. With Private Glub, road becomes pleasant and safe. Traffic information, road events, speed cams, friends, biker view, alerts, personalization, funny features and more. Any missing feature? Your needs change, Glob fits.

  • Community driven

    Glob is made by the community for the community. Several million Glubbers already rolling with you. This "Glub System" allows you to stay connected and informed in real time. Do not wait and join us for to make the road more pleasant.

Glub Gallery

Glob in action: info traffic, speed limits, localization, accidents, speed cams

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