Let Glob show you the way and become your favourite GPS application.

Glob is designed to give you all the useful information you need on traffic and the roads you’re travelling on. You can find out about any accidents, road works, delays or other events as they take place on the roads in real time.

  • Glob Widget

    To combine every important piece of information in real time, Glob works on the principle of shared and participative information. So, its radar alerts allow all users to send alerts about an accident that’s taken place, the siting of any new roadworks or the location and direction of any radars. The application alerts you of any event affecting the state of the roads with a visual signal and/or an audible alarm.

  • Active community

    Basically, Glob allows all its motorist users to inform one another about the presence of radars or an accident that’s occurred. To make the data as accurate as possible, you can also verify information provided by other users or erase it if, for example, an accident has been cleared.