Glob is made by Glubbers for Glubbers to help them foresee potential traffic hazards and the application already has more than 3 million members.

There’s a community of road users who share information so they can enjoy better and safer journeys.

  • Become a Glubber

    By becoming a member, you’ll benefit from many fun and innovative functions, which you can share with your friends and other Glubbers to enhance your journeys and those of other members. This means you’ll always be informed about accidents, roadworks, exceeding the speed limit, etc.

  • Safer together

    You can also share your journey experience or view traffic information from a variety of sources at a glance. Thanks to Glob, you’ll always drive with a smile on your face. Since both you and your passengers are precious, Glob is committed to making the road a safer and more enjoyable place for you.