Combine economy and ecology and improve your driving on a daily basis with Glob!

Glob has invented the concept of ‘ecolomy’, which is the fusion of ‘economy’ and ‘ecology’. Thanks to Glob technology, you can look after the environment while saving money with this new, eco-friendly and economical tool.

  • Be eco friendly

    Using the best in automotive navigation technology, this powerful eco-friendly tool helps you to reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by anticipating pitfalls along the route, whether these are traffic jams, accidents, roadworks, road closures or radars.

  • Save time and money

    You’ll be in awe of the precision of Glob, which will help you to significantly reduce your travel time by choosing the fastest route. Glob anticipates all your movements and continuously repositions the map for optimum visibility. You can drive in complete calm thanks to real-time traffic information. Glob instantly alerts you to any dangers. Start using Glob today and take a giant step forwards for the environment while keeping an eye on your wallet.