You can access all useful information and share your own knowledge with a single click: such is the revolutionary power of the radar alert, which is also completely customisable and extremely useful.

Glob is an application to help you when you’re on car journeys. Thanks to a database that’s kept constantly up-to-date, Glob places special emphasis on providing accurate information and this allows you to make choices while being fully aware of the essential facts.

  • Participative

    To combine every important piece of information in real time, Glob works on the principle of shared and participative information. So, its radar alerts allow all users to send alerts about an accident that’s taken place, the siting of any new roadworks or the location and direction of any radars. The application alerts you of any event affecting the state of the roads with a visual signal and/or an audible alarm.

  • Safe and easy

    Therefore, you can safely and easily specify and modify these radar alerts and enhance them with your own experiences as a motorist.