The main objective of the Glob community is to make everyone’s journey safer, especially when it comes to motorcyclists.

Enjoy a calmer rider thanks to Glob, the first application specialising in radar and traffic information on the roads. Glob allows you to ride more safely thanks to verified alerts, up-to-date maps and a visual picture of the traffic conditions ahead in real time.

  • Safety first

    Since bikers are more vulnerable on the roads than drivers, the Glob application displays information and alerts in a way that specially suits those riding on two wheels.

  • Anything a biker needs

    Find the quickest route, pinpoint any dangers, delays or accidents and anticipate roadworks or road closures that could lie ahead on your journey. There are so many ways to help you ride more safely, be more aware and make your journey more pleasant.

  • Motorcycle Community

    Join a growing community of motorcyclists and share traffic information in real time.